Why Get the Shelter App?

With an increase in technology comes an increase of resources. The Shelter App, released in 2022, gives users an opportunity to connect to their local community. Whether you are looking for shelter, or looking to give shelter, this app enables you to do just that. The following article gives a thorough description as to why the Shelter App is important. 

There are many individuals who want to help their community, but do not necessarily know where to start. Some feel as though they cannot find the time, with the perception that volunteering can be time consuming. Others may feel like they lack experience and would not be of use, even when they really want to help. Or, what about those who are in need of resources, but do not know where to find useful information? With the increase of technology, a way to get around these worries has been created.

During 2022, the Shelter App was released. This app is AI powered, and is a chatbot that connects individuals struggling with homelessness and low-income families to services they may need. Not only this, but this app also connects volunteers to community service opportunities! Volunteers can list their services on the app, or if you run or own a shelter, you can also update the number of beds available at that time. 

The Shelter App is incredibly useful. It holds crisis lines that can put users in contact with trained crisis counselors. Users who are looking for resources can simply chat with the AI chatbot, and can receive information on shelter, food, health, work and other related needs.

This app uses a map as well, making it so users can easily find resources in their immediate area. It can be utilized in the following cities: Los Angeles County, King County (Seattle), Multnomah County (Portland), Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, San Francisco County, Santa Clara County (San Jose), Alameda County (Oakland), San Diego County, Sacramento County, Ramsey County (St. Paul), El Paso County, and the entire state of Colorado. 

Reviews rave about the Shelter App. Some Google Play Store reviews quote, “Got my friend a new place to live… Fast!” and “This app could save a teenager’s life.”  Additionally, it is safe to say no phone, no problem! The Shelter App can  be used from computers as well.  

The Shelter App would be an important tool to have as an unhoused individual, a low-income individual, teenagers who need resources to help them, or even a volunteer looking to help those in need. 


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