Where Can People Experiencing Homelessness Access Menstrual Products? 

A topic that many people ignore or forget when discussing homeless women is menstruation. Many women experiencing homelessness face many barriers when it comes to accessing these sanitary products. Tampons and pads are among the least donated items for women experiencing homelessness, and purchasing them in the store can be too expensive. 

Periods are a naturally occurring, uncontrollable phenomenon. It is unacceptable that those who are less fortunate are unable to access these products or are forced to choose between these products and other necessities. 

To make it easier, listed below are a few places which provide free menstrual products to those unable to afford them:

  • Shelters – Again, menstrual products are among the least donated items to shelters; However, shelters are often giving out free menstrual products when they are supplied with them.

  • Food Banks – A food bank is not exactly the first place people think of when trying to get menstrual products, but fortunately, they provide period products for free to those in need.

  • Diaper Banks – Diaper banks are a great place to find menstrual products distributed free of charge.


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