Welcome to our Makeshift Traveler’s Journey!

As of September 21, 2022, we anticipate receiving the 500 units of our Makeshift Traveler within the next two weeks. Tracking currently slates that we will receive between September 14 and September 16. After receiving, there will be some slight assembly and coordination. First, we will pack each Makeshift Traveler with its added components, such as the poncho, sleeping bag, radio, flashlight, and water bottle. 

Additionally, we are still finalizing Our Partners for our Informational Brochure. We plan to complete this list of roughly 12-15 partner organizations within the next week. 

Other than finalizing our Informational Brochure, we have everything lined up in preparation for Distribution to begin on Saturday, October 1! So exciting!

We will share more information before our Distribution Launch on October 1, like when the units arrive and are assembled. However, beginning October 1, we will post Daily Updates for the remainder of 2022!

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