‘Project Street Vet’ an Organization Supporting Unhoused Individuals and their Pets

Dr. Kwane Stewart, founder of ‘Project Street Vet,’ supports unhoused individuals by providing medical care to their beloved pets.

For Stewart, it all started when he was out getting coffee one day when he came across an unhoused man and his dog who needed medical care for a skin condition. He decided to provide medical care for the dog on the spot.

This interaction inspired him to set up some small clinics to support both unhoused individuals and their pets, alongside those who could not afford medical care for their pets.

“That was the moment I said to myself, ‘I’m going to do more of this. I’m going to get back to saving animals on my terms. And I’m going to do it for passion, not for pay,” Stewart said. (Cable News Network)

According to the advocacy group Pets of the Homeless, close to 10% of unhoused individuals have pets. Many shelters do not allow pets which leaves unhoused individuals to live outside.

Stewart said many unhoused individuals are hesitant about getting support because they are afraid of law enforcement. He says he “takes it very slow and announces it from afar.”

Stewart’s former employment involved working at a county shelter in Northern California, where he was forced to euthanize many pets due to the influx of those surrendering their pets.  

He almost thought about leaving the veterinary profession altogether but founded his passion through supporting unhoused individuals and their pets through his foundation.

Stewart said they have a deeper level of bonding with their pets because they are with each other all the time.

“I will say this about the people I’ve met who have pets on the streets. They are some of the most remarkable pet parents I’ve ever met,” Stewart said. (Cable News Network)


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