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Our Makeshift Traveler

The HomeMore Project spent 18 months developing our Makeshift Traveler, a backpack designed specifically tailored to the needs of an individual experiencing homelessness. The pack was designed sustainably with a goal to serve as the last backpack someone experiencing homelessness will need until obtaining permanent housing. The packs development came about from first-hand feedback and observations made in the Tenderloin Neighborhood of San Francisco.

The program launched on October 1st, 2022. Since launching, we have delivered over 500 Makeshift Travelers to individuals experiencing homelessness, primarily in San Francisco. In 2024, we will launch Makeshift Traveler 2.0 with an enhanced design and new features to deliver 1,500 units across 15 different cities in California. If you see our Makeshift Traveler out, we encourage you to take a few moments to learn the user’s story and ask them how they like their pack. Thank you for your support!

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The HomeMore Project has been preparing for our 2024 distribution launch

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Want to learn more about the Makeshift Traveler recipients, check out their journey.

“The Makeshift Traveler is not the solution, but is a part of ours”

The Makeshift Traveler not only provides people experiencing homelessness with immediate aid, but it assists our organization in building genuine relationships with individuals interested in our long-term vision regarding our future Transitional Housing Program.

Outer Shell- Tech Unit

This section is highlighted by a solar panel that stores energy within the bag’s battery bank and allows users to charge devices through a USB port. According to UCSF, over 70% of California’s unhoused community use cell phones to stay in touch with loved ones and access critical services. The port also features a USB-C port and includes cables to charge the Makeshift Traveler if a user can access a wall charger. The pack can also charge the radio and flashlight inside the bag.

Outer Shell- Pillow

The outer shell features a variety of additional utilities, creating a completely waterproof and weatherproof backpack. The outer surface of the pack consists of a urethane-coated nylon pillow designed to provide a minimalistic pillow that is protected from the elements of weather, both a comfort and anti-theft feature. The pack includes a double zipper system that provides added security and protection for users and a lock to secure the zippers or the pack. 

Included Components

The Makeshift Traveler will have various added utilities to maximize the tools within the bag. When facilitating the donations of the Makeshift Traveler, we will also be including the following:

Informational Brochure

We believe in centralizing resources to ease the decision-making process for those experiencing homelessness. Each Makeshift Traveler includes an Informational Brochure, listing various partner services ranging from food distribution, shelter, mental health services, substance use programs, wellness, and more! To view the organizations whom we have partnered with to create our Informational Brochure, view Our Partners page. 

manual mockup

Our Makeshift Traveler In Action

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