The Makeshift Travelers have arrived in the Bay Area!

After 18 months of design, prototyping, and fundraising, our 500 Makeshift Travelers have finally arrived! Our video team and I went to the storage location and witnessed our 500 Makeshift Travelers unloading. 

There are a few things that we are still waiting on completing before our Distribution Launch on October 1st:

  1. We are waiting on the 500 solar panels to begin assembly onto our units. We will have to do the on-site solar panel assembly, which is simply four screws.
  2. We still need to pack all the included materials into the backpacks.
  3. We are days away from finalizing the 12 organizations that will be a part of Our Partners within our Informational Brochure. Printing will begin in the next few days. 

Everyone at The HomeMore Project is counting down the days until distribution! We look forward to sharing more brief updates in upcoming posts prior to October 1st.  

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