The Importance of Talking about Homelessness

There are many ways that homelessness is being talked about today. Whether it be on the news, online, in books, or even flyers in local stores, we are exposed to information almost daily without realizing it. Yet, why is it so important that homelessness gets the attention of communities?

Today, a person living in a city may happen to see advertisements for food drives, flyers spreading word about available shelters, and possibly even job opportunities for those struggling with homelessness. With the use of social media, there is always news or articles with topics based on homelessness. This may cause the question to arise: what is the point of simply talking about homelessness?

Taking action against homelessness is difficult within itself. It takes time, and is not an issue that is able to be fixed overnight. The first step to reaching solutions, however, is making the issue known. This is one of the reasons as to why bringing facts about this problem to the public is important. Homelessness is important to be informed about because it affects the population as a whole.

With demands for housing comes strains on service delivery. Additionally, it impacts the availability of healthcare resources, crime and safety, the workforce, and the use of tax dollars (Caring Works, 2022). This is why spreading knowledge on this topic is a serious matter, for it can help our communities learn preventative actions. 

By talking about homelessness, it is possible to rewrite the stigmatic narrative that society has written. Teaching youth about homelessness with a sense of empathy goes a long way, making it known to them that everyone’s situation is different. We have the ability to inspire action as well. By changing the words “why don’t you get help” to “what can we do to help,” our communities have the potential to heal and to help those who may need it most. 


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