The HomeMore Project’s Makeshift Traveler Is The First Step To Help The Homeless Community and Needs Your Help

SAN FRANCISCO — The HomeMore Project is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide individuals experiencing homelessness with tools and resources to help them transition back into society. The mission is to start in San Francisco’s homeless community by building an uplifting culture of transparency and genuine relationships while aiming for realistic and innovative change. Developed over the past year, the Makeshift Traveler is a backpack suited for individuals experiencing homelessness. It is not the only solution to end the homeless crisis, but it is the first step to uplift those in need and create a sense of humanity for them.

This innovative, solar-powered backpack will be received by at least 10,000 homeless residents in San Francisco. The Makeshift Traveler supplies solar power, a battery, and even charging ports in order for the individuals’ devices. It is made out of recycled materials to make great use of the many dollars worth of recyclables all around the world. Some additional features of the backpack include a Urethane-coated nylon pillow, 16 oz Polycarbonate bottle, and rechargeable AM/FM radio. 

“The Makeshift Traveler not only provides people experiencing homelessness with stable aid, but it allows our organization to utilize it as a vehicle to build genuine relationships with individuals interested in our long-term vision regarding Our 27 Step Journey,” said The HomeMore Project. 

The HomeMore Project just needs your help to spread the word and financial contributions to move along the process to give these to the homeless community. Upon donation, the backpack will include various short-term aid such as; a flashlight, first-aid kit, rainwear, inflatable mattress, sleeping bag, among other items. To view more images, information, and the first prototype, please visit

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