Taking our Makeshift Traveler Program Statewide in 2024!

With a blend of excitement and a touch of nostalgia, I’m thrilled to announce a significant milestone for myself and The HomeMore Project. As I embark on a new chapter pursuing a Master’s of Urban Planning at UCLA, our organization is set to expand statewide in 2024.

Leaving San Francisco comes with a heavy heart, but it opens the door to new opportunities and an extended reach for our Makeshift Traveler program. The HomeMore Project is poised to explore and contribute to Southern California communities, learning about their unique dynamics and needs to better support individuals experiencing homelessness throughout the state.

This expansion signifies a commitment to broadening our impact, bringing the ethos of Makeshift Traveler to new regions and fostering collaboration with diverse communities. As we journey into this exciting chapter, the goal remains unwavering: to provide practical support, ignite positive change, and work towards alleviating homelessness on a broader scale.

The HomeMore Project looks forward to building connections, forging partnerships, and making a lasting impact in Southern California and beyond. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey so far, and we’re excited to continue growing and evolving in the pursuit of a more compassionate and supportive future.

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