Risk of Homelessness For Those With Special Needs

People with special needs (ex: intellectual, physical, and mental disabilities), often find themselves left in the dust after high school. Few programs are available for people with special needs post-graduation, leaving many to spend their days away at home with caregivers or loved ones. While these may be the circumstances for some amount of time, what happens after the passing of the caregiver? People with special needs are at risk of becoming homeless.

Hidden Homelessness: The Hidden Issue In COVID-19

The struggles of COVID-19 were experienced far and wide. The World Health Organization denotes that there have been 180,650,000 COVID-19 cases with nearly 4 million COVID-19 deaths globally. Beyond the horrific health implications, businesses endured extended closures and constraints, causing an economic downturn that increased unemployment. These impacts were pervasive, with nobody emerging unscathed. However, …

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