Richard Hutchinson: Unhoused Artist to World Famous Artist

Richard Hutchinson had led a turbulent life, which started in early childhood when his dad left him with an absent mother. This resulted in Hutchinson being in foster care with nothing and no one. Eventually, he grew up and found acceptance in a group that brought him down a crooked path. Throughout his life, he experienced homelessness many times and found greatness through his art. Hutchinson now focuses on his art and uplifting the homeless community living in Los Angeles’s Skid Row.

The Benefits of Creativity While Experiencing Homelessness

German theatre practitioner, playwright, and poet Bertolt Brecht once said, “art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” The practice of art is so common nowadays that it becomes easy to dismiss upon encounter, and the same goes with people experiencing homeless. What needs to be realized is that art does not have any set meaning by itself and it’s the artist who has complete control over what they want their audience to see, giving those who are unhoused a chance to take back autonomy over their lives.

Talent Within the Homeless Community: A Way Out?

The amount of talent in the world is limitless. It exists everywhere, and we find it in the most unexpected places. However, the stigma surrounding unhoused people prevents their talent from entering the public spotlight where it should be. To combat this, recently, those in the homeless community that are breaking those boundaries deserve amplification.

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