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Places That Serve the Homeless Community Food in the Bay Area

For those living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, do you happen to see individuals struggling with homelessness, perhaps asking for food from others? Have you ever seen someone hopelessly looking for a meal? The following article provides a list of several places the unhoused community could go to make sure they get a nice, filling meal!

Is San Francisco’s Prop C Tax The Solution to Homelessness?

To many, it may seem like affordable housing is becoming a phenomenon of the past. As it becomes increasingly difficult to profit off the creation of low-cost housing, San Francisco imposed a business tax that would raise funds for homelessness services and relief. The pandemic, however, has exposed many flaws in the tax, making the future of this funding shaky.

Thrifting is Dead. How Does That Impact Those Suffering From Homelessness?

In the past few years, thrifting has made an enormous comeback. That is partly due to social media, climate change, inflation, and the rising prices in the fashion industry. Thrifting used to be a budget-friendly way to shop and find new articles of used clothing. However, now that thrifting is trendy and with the increased number of online resellers, is thrifting as accessible as it once was to communities who rely on it the most; such as those experiencing homelessness?

San Francisco Has One Of The Highest Populations Of Those Experiencing Homelessness And It Just Keeps Rising

The total count of those experiencing homelessness in San Francisco this year was 7,754. Of those individuals, only 3,357 of those were staying in a shelter. The amount of those experiencing homelessness in San Francisco has almost doubled within a 15 year period. As a nation, however, the population of those suffering from homelessness has decreased, so what is San Francisco doing wrong?

What The New Crackdown on Tenderloin Drug Use Means For Individuals Suffering From Homelessness

After a recall election, San Francisco’s new interim District Attorney (DA) was named Brooke Jenkins. Before becoming interim DA, Jenkins worked as a prosecutor in the former DA’s, Chesa Boudin. Jenkins has called her former boss soft on crime and has vowed to restore order and public safety in San Francisco, specifically in the Tenderloin. The Tenderloin is known for rampant and blatant drug use, sales, and overdoses. Many of the people using these drugs suffer from homelessness and live on the streets of the Tenderloin.

Understanding Homelessness in San Francisco

Albeit being a city decorated with rich history and golden views, San Francisco currently faces a large issue, one that has troubled the city for nearly fifty years: homelessness. Although San Francisco is one of the most economically and socially prosperous cities in the United States, it also has the highest population of people experiencing homelessness.

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