Van Life: Trending Homelessness

One after the other, there’s a video of somebody buying a car, fixing it up, and turning it into their new home. “Van life” has become a trend and it’s been glorified into a lifestyle full of adventures, minimalism, and having a home on the go. This new trend is damaging to the unhoused community and coming from a place of privilege.

Physical Health Declination and Its Connection to Homelessness

When facing homelessness, all aspects of one’s life are affected. While the mental health of those experiencing homelessness is fairly talked about, physical health isn’t discussed as much. Physical health affects many aspects of someone’s life, especially being able to attend work. With physical health complications come expenses. But, dealing with physical health issues and facing homelessness makes life significantly more difficult.

How Often Do Those That Are Homeless Face Abuse?

As homelessness is already a challenging time for individuals to face, they also have to face the wrath of being victimized and abused, with the potential of potentially facing death. Not only do those that are homeless have to worry about their safety, they also lack protection and support from the general public.

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