Resources for Homelessness

Why Get the Shelter App?

With an increase in technology comes an increase of resources. The Shelter App, released in 2022, gives users an opportunity to connect to their local community. Whether you are looking for shelter, or looking to give shelter, this app enables you to do just that. The following article gives a thorough description as to why the Shelter App is important.

Where People Experiencing Homelessness Can Access a Thanksgiving Meal in the Bay Area

Although many people view Thanksgiving as a time of gathering with family and friends and a plethora of food on the table, this is unfortunately not a universal experience. Thanksgiving may be a particularly difficult time of the year for individuals and/or families experiencing homelessness. But, support is available for those needing something to eat during the holidays. This year, let us help take the stress of finding a thanksgiving meal off your shoulders.

The Intersection of Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Amongst Those Suffering Homelessness

The victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking are often those who are already vulnerable such as; those suffering from homelessness, poverty, addiction, or mental illness. Traffickers and abusers often seek out those who are homeless and prey on their lack of housing, offering a place to stay in exchange for sexual favors. The lack of housing often opens up an unfortunate cycle for survivors; they will escape their abusers only to be left financially destitute and vulnerable to re-exploitation.

Fear of Shelters: How Shelters Can Limit the Safety-Net of the Unhoused

Many individuals who experience homelessness look for ways to improve their conditions. Living in shelters is one of them. Although shelters are an option for many people experiencing homelessness, many choose not to live in them for several reasons. Shelters have limitations on who they will accept. For example, a shelter that demands sobriety can …

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