Veterans and Homelessness

Imagine putting your life on hold at a young age to travel overseas and defend your nation. You encounter long, restless years without laughing with your best friend, hugging your family members, eating your favorite food, or petting your dog. You survive all of those hardships, and it is time to return to your country at last. But just when you are supposed to relax and benefit from this experience, you are not guaranteed somewhere to live.

Connection between PTSD, the U.S. Military, and Homelessness

PTSD is an issue that can be linked to homelessness in a number of ways. Someone who has served in the military can become unhoused due to PTSD they acquired in combat; individuals who get PTSD from traumatic events while experiencing homelessness; and the third, and least talked about, are the issues related to homelessness which can lead to this disorder. PTSD and homelessness are linked together, and knowing why is only a part of the solution.

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