Period products

Putting Periods in Perspective

Women should never feel apologetic when it comes to menstruation. Especially those who do not have the simple luxury of changing their pants, or taking a shower to cleanse themselves when needed. Women experiencing homelessness and/or poverty also lack the resources for medical help regarding other reproductive matters. This article candidly discusses what the unhoused female population faces.

Menstruators That Experience Homelessness

According to the National Organization for Women, there are over 210,000 women that menstruate experiencing homelessness in the United States. These women are challenged to secure hygiene products, privacy to change such products, pain relief, and regular laundry and shower sources. Additionally, they are left without the basic resources needed to feel clean, safe, and secure. Thus, periods can be a monthly devastating phenomenon given the lack of a clean shelter to properly care for their menstruation.

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