human trafficking

Homeless and/or Missing

Are individuals suffering from homelessness considered missing? The relationship between the idea of being homeless and missing is quite complex. An individual experiencing homelessness may be an unreported missing person. On the other hand, a person suffering from homelessness may go missing for an unknown reason. Both scenarios create questions as to how to differentiate the different possible circumstances leading to underreporting.

The Intersection of Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Amongst Those Suffering Homelessness

The victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking are often those who are already vulnerable such as; those suffering from homelessness, poverty, addiction, or mental illness. Traffickers and abusers often seek out those who are homeless and prey on their lack of housing, offering a place to stay in exchange for sexual favors. The lack of housing often opens up an unfortunate cycle for survivors; they will escape their abusers only to be left financially destitute and vulnerable to re-exploitation.

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