Housing First

The Problem-Solution Cycle of Homelessness

It’s common knowledge that homelessness has been a long-running issue, one that’s not been given as much attention as it should be given. It’s only given as much consideration as seen fit by government personnel or individuals who believe they are helping, which is usually only to some extent. However, even the proven current solutions to homelessness have drawbacks that the public should be aware of.

The ‘Troubling’ Economic Trend And Its Effect On Homelessness

As an issue itself, homelessness has been analyzed and studied for decades to find its end. The topic has been closely studied alongside other trends such as mental health, substance abuse, and, most notably, poverty. However, recent studies have shifted their focus onto more prominent exogenous factors, such as the economy and the distribution of resources.

Homelessness Across the World: Finland

In the US, 600,000 people are experiencing homelessness, with 80,000 just in New York City. Every day, those with a full-time minimum wage job can barely pay rent. On the other hand, Finland has a total homeless population of 5,000, with zero in its capital of Helsinki. So, how did Finland get there?

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