Period Products in The Homeless Community

Periods are often the last thing you want to discuss, regardless of who has them. It is often ignored and understood that periods shouldn’t be addressed. Things that make us uncomfortable are often swept under the rug and ignored. We fail those struggling to find sanitary products for their periods. Those who are unhoused and menstruate must struggle to find hygienic products and adapt.

Thrifting is Dead. How Does That Impact Those Suffering From Homelessness?

In the past few years, thrifting has made an enormous comeback. That is partly due to social media, climate change, inflation, and the rising prices in the fashion industry. Thrifting used to be a budget-friendly way to shop and find new articles of used clothing. However, now that thrifting is trendy and with the increased number of online resellers, is thrifting as accessible as it once was to communities who rely on it the most; such as those experiencing homelessness?

The Importance Of Small Local Nonprofit Organizations

There is a massive demand for compassion. Organized compassion usually comes from nonprofits, no matter the size. There is something to say about localized nonprofits that serve a particular community. That isn’t to say that larger nonprofits are terrible or not good. Regardless of size, nonprofits often rely on each other for reach and help in times of crisis.

The Intersection of Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Amongst Those Suffering Homelessness

The victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking are often those who are already vulnerable such as; those suffering from homelessness, poverty, addiction, or mental illness. Traffickers and abusers often seek out those who are homeless and prey on their lack of housing, offering a place to stay in exchange for sexual favors. The lack of housing often opens up an unfortunate cycle for survivors; they will escape their abusers only to be left financially destitute and vulnerable to re-exploitation.

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