Voting Can Make A Difference, Too!

The first things that come to mind when thinking about helping the homeless are volunteering, donating, and simply working to make a difference. Voting is just as important to help in need, so it is vital that registered voters cast their votes.

The Endless Cycle of Homelessness

Homelessness can stem from a variety of factors such as job loss, mental and physical illness, abuse, and much more. These situations can leave people vulnerable and sometimes helpless, as they lack the resources to get back on their feet. As a result, homelessness can easily become a cycle that is extremely difficult to break.

Homelessness and Pregnancy

Being pregnant and suffering from homelessness is more common than people may believe. With a pregnancy and lack of housing, there can be issues that are hard to avoid. Here is some information that can help those who are pregnant and homeless.

How a Crisis Response System Could Decrease Homelessness Rates

Solving economic and social issues will always be difficult. However, preventative actions are always useful tools to have. Especially with homelessness, preventative actions could drastically reduce the number of those who are unhoused. The following article discusses how useful a crisis response system can be in helping bring the homeless population numbers down.

Places That Serve the Homeless Community Food in the Bay Area

For those living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, do you happen to see individuals struggling with homelessness, perhaps asking for food from others? Have you ever seen someone hopelessly looking for a meal? The following article provides a list of several places the unhoused community could go to make sure they get a nice, filling meal!

The Four Types of Homelessness

Homelessness is far more complicated than asking whether or not someone is forced to live in public. There are four general types of homelessness used to provide clarity as to what exactly the experience may look like: transitional homelessness, episodic homelessness, chronic homelessness, and hidden homelessness.

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