Risk of Homelessness For Those With Special Needs

People with special needs (ex: intellectual, physical, and mental disabilities), often find themselves left in the dust after high school. Few programs are available for people with special needs post-graduation, leaving many to spend their days away at home with caregivers or loved ones. While these may be the circumstances for some amount of time, what happens after the passing of the caregiver? People with special needs are at risk of becoming homeless.

Homelessness and Pregnancy

Being pregnant and suffering from homelessness is more common than people may believe. With a pregnancy and lack of housing, there can be issues that are hard to avoid. Here is some information that can help those who are pregnant and homeless.

Why You Should Give Back to People Facing Homelessness

In our busy lives, it can be easy to overlook certain problems that others face; however, it is important to remember that there are people facing challenging circumstances who need help from others. If those who are more fortunate work to make a positive difference, they can make a huge impact on the lives of others.

The Importance of Talking about Homelessness

There are many ways that homelessness is being talked about today. Whether it be on the news, online, in books, or even flyers in local stores, we are exposed to information almost daily without realizing it. Yet, why is it so important that homelessness gets the attention of communities?

Van Life: Trending Homelessness

One after the other, there’s a video of somebody buying a car, fixing it up, and turning it into their new home. “Van life” has become a trend and it’s been glorified into a lifestyle full of adventures, minimalism, and having a home on the go. This new trend is damaging to the unhoused community and coming from a place of privilege.

Homelessness Among Students

Homelessness is stigmatized, and many people unconsciously stereotype those who are unhoused. Often, we imagine someone experiencing homelessness as a middle-aged individual who is at fault for their state of being. However, this is not always true. Everyone makes bad choices, but homelessness is not necessarily the result of choices. More often, homelessness results from uncontrollable life events, whether that’s a car accident, losing a job, a sudden illness, or other events of that nature.

Homeless and/or Missing

Are individuals suffering from homelessness considered missing? The relationship between the idea of being homeless and missing is quite complex. An individual experiencing homelessness may be an unreported missing person. On the other hand, a person suffering from homelessness may go missing for an unknown reason. Both scenarios create questions as to how to differentiate the different possible circumstances leading to underreporting.

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