How Rising Housing Costs is Making it More Difficult for Those Experiencing Homelessness to Receive Transitional Housing

If Los Angeles were to place their whole population of those experiencing homelessness in transitional housing, the cost would be around $2.8 billion a year. Throughout the state, that cost would exceed $6 billion. The boost in rent prices across California is making it even tougher for those suffering from homelessness to find affordable housing. From housing prices to government requirements and added labor costs, programs that are attempting to construct transitional housing are having a difficult time getting the necessary funding.

The ‘Troubling’ Economic Trend And Its Effect On Homelessness

As an issue itself, homelessness has been analyzed and studied for decades to find its end. The topic has been closely studied alongside other trends such as mental health, substance abuse, and, most notably, poverty. However, recent studies have shifted their focus onto more prominent exogenous factors, such as the economy and the distribution of resources.

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