Struggles in Finding Employment for Those Facing Homelessness

Securing stable employment is a vital step in breaking the cycle of homelessness. However, many individuals experiencing homelessness find themselves at a disadvantage when looking for and applying to jobs. Job applications can be a roadblock, as they can require a permanent address, contact info, and other things that someone facing homelessness does not have access to. Additionally, unhoused individuals struggle to take care of themselves, as the lack a variety of basic health and hygiene resources. The inability to regularly care for oneself puts these individuals at risk of developing illnesses that limit one’s ability to work.

The Endless Cycle of Homelessness

Homelessness can stem from a variety of factors such as job loss, mental and physical illness, abuse, and much more. These situations can leave people vulnerable and sometimes helpless, as they lack the resources to get back on their feet. As a result, homelessness can easily become a cycle that is extremely difficult to break.

How Incarceration Rates Places Those Facing Homelessness at an Unfair

People who face homelessness can experience a cycle living in prisons and on the streets, which places these individuals at a major disadvantage. As more and more cities criminalize homelessness, it becomes difficult for the unhoused to live without facing charges. Those with a criminal record may be denied from shelters and potential job opportunities. As a result, breaking the cycle of homelessness becomes nearly impossible.

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