Places That Serve the Homeless Community Food in the Bay Area

For those living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, do you happen to see individuals struggling with homelessness, perhaps asking for food from others? Have you ever seen someone hopelessly looking for a meal? The following article provides a list of several places the unhoused community could go to make sure they get a nice, filling meal!

The Eviction of the Unhoused Population Ahead of Major Events

As the Superbowl nears, the city of Los Angeles has begun making preparations for the anticipated increase in tourism. However, as is for any other major event, the city has begun evacuating major homeless camps surrounding the stadium. This norm of evacuating large homeless settlements for major events communicates a negative stigma of the unhoused population.

California’s Recovery Plan and the Homeless Communities

During the pandemic, mental health challenges became a massive issue for many Americans. As the world reopens, mental health should still be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. As part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 recovery plan, $6 billion was allocated to mental health systems in the state of California. But how will this new …

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