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Places That Serve the Homeless Community Food in the Bay Area

For those living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, do you happen to see individuals struggling with homelessness, perhaps asking for food from others? Have you ever seen someone hopelessly looking for a meal? The following article provides a list of several places the unhoused community could go to make sure they get a nice, filling meal!

Ways YOU Can Help Those Who Are Homeless

Hearing all the statistics and reading the numerous infographics about homelessness can be overwhelming. Yes, there are over 7,000 people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco, but what can we as a community do to reduce that number? What can you do to help?

Thrifting is Dead. How Does That Impact Those Suffering From Homelessness?

In the past few years, thrifting has made an enormous comeback. That is partly due to social media, climate change, inflation, and the rising prices in the fashion industry. Thrifting used to be a budget-friendly way to shop and find new articles of used clothing. However, now that thrifting is trendy and with the increased number of online resellers, is thrifting as accessible as it once was to communities who rely on it the most; such as those experiencing homelessness?

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