Pioneering Innovation while Building Upon Existing Successful Services

Homelessness has been an ongoing situation in San Francisco for over 40 years. There have been very few break-through solutions that have only led to an increase in people without housing and suffering from mental illness/substance abuse. At HomeMore, we are pioneering innovation while building upon the existing successful services. Through our HomeMore Campus and Our 27 Step Journey, we believe we are providing an innovative and viable solution to an ongoing crisis.

Our 27 Step Journey

The HomeMore Project’s 27 Step Journey is what we believe is a viable solution to how cities manage the issue of homelessness. We truly believe that Our 27 Step Journey is a way to systematically change the homeless crisis that we are facing in San Francisco and all over the state of California. By Investing in Every Root Cause for Every Individual, we create a personal profile to understand what resources and care are required to assist each individual that comes to us. This separates us from other non-profits and the city programs because we are creating an all-in-one campus that will incorporate the personnel and resources that are needed based on an individual’s problems, history, and desires. We focus on the value of each individual to help them succeed and reach their potential. Everyone at HomeMore is incredibly passionate about helping others and committed to making this systematic change.

Key Points of Our 27 Step Journey

Projected Begin Date: June 2023

In The Field

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In The Field Team: Once our HomeMore Campus and infrastructure is complete, our In The Field Team connects our organization to individuals experiencing homelessness in facilitating this transition from the streets of San Francisco to our HomeMore Campus.


Transportation: Transportation will consist of a charter bus that transports individuals from San Francisco to a neighboring city where we have the bandwidth to house hundreds of individuals.

Arrival to Campus: Our new residents will be greeted by our “On-Hands Assistance Team,” who will help them settle before partaking in their Initial Screening and visiting their new living arrangement.

Initial Screening: New residents will meet with our Data Collections Team to set up their profile where we can analyze the specific resources, personnel, and assistance they need to help them make strides towards living their own self-sustaining life.


Single: Our Single Rooms are intended for one resident and will have 100 square feet including; twin bed, nightstand, desk with chair, mini fridge, storage unit, among a few other small items.

Double: Our Double Rooms are intended for couples or friends and will have 150 square feet including; two twin beds or one queen bed, nightstand, desk with chair, mini fridge, storage unit, among a few other small items.

Family: Our Family Rooms are intended for one family and will have 250 square feet including; appropriate bed combination, full-service bathroom, nightstands, desks with chairs, full-size fridge, storage unit, among a few other small items.


Campus Nucleus: The Campus Nucleus will house our cafeteria, as well as all of our team members who will work at our HomeMore Campus. Nearly all of our programs and hubs will be located here.

Education Hub: The Education Hub is focused on providing our residents with access to receiving a top-tier education in a career field of their choice from experienced college professors, volunteer teachers, and others. 

Employment Hub: Our Employment Hub emphasizes the importance of our residents participating in a temporary on-campus job that will help them gain some form of real-world working experience. We will also help our residents make connections in the fields that they are most interested in.

Campus Plaza: Our Campus Plaza will be a location where residents can obtain additional items that are not already provided to them. The Campus Plaza will also be in partnership with our Employment Hub providing residents with a real-world working experience.

Religious Center: The Religious Center will encompass all four major religions in the US including; Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.

Health and Wellness

Amenities Center: The Amenities Center will include our gym, as well as other amenities that will encourage residential bonding and an overall mentally/physically healthier lifestyle.

PO Health and Wellness Program: The Permanent Onsite Health and Wellness Program will consist of professionals like family doctors, general physicians, dentists, and veterinarians.

FO Health and Wellness Program: Our Frequent Onsite Health and Wellness Program will consist of professionals such as pediatricians, geriatricians, and others who will not be present each day, but on a weekly basis.

On-Call Health and Wellness Program: The On-Call Program will consist of professionals who are highly specialized and see patients who need a unique procedure that will not be completed on campus.

Mental Health Program: Our Mental Health Program will be permanently available on campus, 24 hours per day seven days a week. Due to roughly 40% of homeless individuals experiencing mental illness, this is a high priority. 

Nutrition and Fitness Program: Our Nutrition and Fitness Program will consist of personal trainers, as well as nutritionists who will work with our residents to help them be healthier.

Transition to Society

Your Career: Each resident will work through our Education Hub and by the time they have completed the proposed one year residency, we anticipate them having skills to perform a sustainable position in the real world.

Your Home: We are committed to ensuring that our current residents find affordable and preferable housing wherever they choose to live. These residents will work with our Housing Team, a few weeks prior to graduating to prepare for departure. Our Housing Team will then work with community officials to ensure that these individuals receive adequate housing options that will coincide with their budget and career salary.

Graduation: The concluding aspect of our organization is the graduation and departure.  The graduation will include a huge celebration at our Campus Plaza with all of our staff, professionals, graduating residents, current residents, and anyone else who would like to attend.

Timeline of Our 27 Step Journey Development

Our Proposed Timeline includes a projected 10-year plan for how we intend to implement Our 27 Step Journey. During the current year of 2022, we are finalizing our written plans and procedures and our cost projections. We should have some exciting things to share regarding the development very soon!

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