Skid Row Provides Support to Unhoused Local Artists

By Rachel Lampert

Skid Row has had an impact on the lives of many. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row
is known for housing a largely diverse homeless population. Los Angeles Times – Julissa James
describes a sense of community and belonging for these individuals. Artists who are part of the
neighborhood such as Clancey Cronwell. Cornwell says. “I started first as a volunteer in Skid
Row with the LAMP arts program, which is now Studio 526. And then I started volunteering
with the Los Angeles Poverty Department. Showing up at the art studio every week, I found
myself deepening into the community and making a lot of friends. I found myself in this position
of supporting community events that wanted to happen here.”

Art has continued to influence the people of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The Studio
526 run by The People’s Concern showcases many services such as having an arts program that
also includes a music production studio. Alice Corona the manager of the program says. “If we
want people to be healthy, we must provide healing experiences. Art is inherently healing, but
people won’t engage if there are too many hoops to jump through.” The program is designed to
provide individuals with a variety of ways to express themselves in a positive and uplifting

If you are interested in finding more information about these unique opportunities call
(323)-334-9000 or email

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