San Francisco Nonprofit At Risk of Shutting Down

The Gubbio Project, a San Francisco nonprofit dedicated to aiding the unhoused population in the Mission District, is at risk of shutting down. 

Andy McCabe, the program director, was once unhoused himself. He says the neighborhood, particularly around 24th and Mission, witnesses a constant influx of displaced individuals. 

Gubbio supplies essential services ranging from shelter to medical aid, meals, and avenues towards housing and treatment. 

McCabe reports that there has been a surge in demand but a lack of available support. Volunteer turnout and contributions have dwindled post-pandemic, hindering their ability to meet requirements and distribute resources. 

The nonprofit does have contributors that send donations monthly. But donations alone can not keep Gubbio afloat in the current economy. 

McCabe and other organization leaders urge San Franciscans who support their mission to make contributions monetarily or through volunteering their time. 

“It was through the relationships I built with little places like this that I was able to stay sane and realize I could make a change,” McCabe said. 

If you are interested in supporting The Gubbio Project, visit their website:


Melos Ambaye

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