Reconnecting with Jacob Stout + Filming European News Clip!

In a heartening update, we recently reconnected with Jacob Stout to check in on how his Makeshift Traveler has been supporting him on his journey. Jacob shared his experiences, shedding light on the practical impact of the Makeshift Traveler in his daily life.

Excitingly, our story reached international audiences as we collaborated with esteemed journalist Bohumil Vostal from the Czech Republic. Together, we filmed a compelling news segment, capturing the essence of Jacob’s journey and the transformative role that Makeshift Traveler plays in the lives of those facing homelessness. This international exposure not only amplifies awareness but also underscores the global significance of initiatives aimed at providing support and solutions for individuals experiencing homelessness. Stay tuned for the broadcast of this inspiring story, bridging communities and fostering a sense of shared humanity across borders.

We will update our blog once the story airs!

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