Make A Shift Tee

Make A Shift Tee


Our Make A Shift Tee, designed by Sarah Reitmeier, highlights the importance of Making A Shift in how we view and approach the solution to homelessness.

Each Tee supports a donation of $10 where 100% of the proceeds support the unhoused community. We pay $5 Processing Fees, $5 in Shipping, and $20 for the shirt itself, leaving $10 to go towards a Makeshift Traveler. The included stickers are on us 🙂

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It costs us $100 to Donate a Makeshift Traveler. Therefore, for every 10 Make a Shift Tee Shirts that we sell, a Makeshift Traveler is donated to the unhoused community. By purchasing a t shirt, you are providing 1/10 of a Makeshift Traveler to someone experiencing homelessness.

Meet the Illustrator!

Sarah Reitmeier, University of Oklahoma

Sarah Reitmeier is a recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Sarah brings an experienced and well-versed background to our Graphic Design Team here at The HomeMore Project. She began as a Graphic Design Intern in earlier in 2023 and has quickly exemplified her creativity through our  “Make a Shift” Campaign highlighting the impact of our Makeshift Traveler. Sarah’s contribution to the development of visuals and graphics for our LearnMore Blog and other programs has demonstrated that Sarah goes above and beyond to proudly share the work that we do as an organization. We are excited and proud to have her on The HomeMore Project Team!

Can this be Deducted from my Taxes?

According the the Internal Revenue Service, you may only deduct the fair market value from your taxes. In this case, since it costs us $30, the tax deductible amount would be the $10 on top that we have placed to support our mission in creating and distributing more Makeshift Travelers. We are happy to provide a written message or letter noting this communication.

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