Potential Housing Expansions in California

By Rachel Lampert

California is constantly updating future endeavors and improvements for the state. Therefore, we
must dive deeper into possible future housing in the Golden State. Recently, Southern California
has had auditors from the state to approve plans for developing more houses. These include
suburbs hit the hardest by the housing crisis. Adhiti Bandlamudi from (West Coast stations and
Q.E.D.) says. “The audit approved this week by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee will look
at how the state reviews housing elements to make sure the standards are consistent and clear
enough for cities and counties to actually follow.”

The rules and regulations must be carefully looked at and be taken seriously.
However, housing has continued to become a major concern in the state. California Senator,
Steve Glazer, (D-Orinda) was the individual held responsible for encouraging the audit. He said.
“We need the state’s department of housing to provide their best guidance, but there have been
problems. We have to identify them and fix them so we can do better in the future.”

Governor Gavin Newsom has highly expressed his frustrations as mentioned by Ben Christopher
(West Coast stations and Q.E.D.). Christopher says. “Last January, local governments across the
region were required to submit “housing elements” to state regulators — future development
blueprints that spell out how each jurisdiction intends to make room for its share of the more
than 2.5 million new homes the Newsom administration wants to see built across California by
the end of the decade.” Housing is an essential aspect for everyone and if you would like to learn
more you can read more about it on our HomeMore blog.

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