Partnership with San Luis Obispo County Health Agency!

We have some exciting news to share! This morning we partnered and delivered 20 of our Makeshift Traveler backpacks to Allison and her team from San Luis Obispo Health Agency in San Luis Obispo, California.

San Luis Obispo has a very unique unhoused population; as the city is primarily rural, those experiencing homelessness often temporarily reside in river beds, near creeks, in makeshift shelters, in the woods, and in other camping-like configurations. We will share the stories of the people whom Allison and her team in San Luis Obispo serve in the upcoming months. She shared that outreach typically takes place once every week or two. She will be providing our Makeshift Traveler to people who are unhoused, often those with severe health conditions, which the agency primarily focuses on serving.

Check back later for the stories, and thanks for working with us!

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