Day 57: Meeting Terrance, Former UPS Driver

This evening I met Terrance, near my apartment, off Geary Street. Terrance is from St. Paul, Minnesota arrived in San Francisco many years ago as a part of the Foster Care program. Terrance was working as a UPS Driver until he fell behind on some bills, and with little savings and no family, it inevitably caused him to become homeless.

Terrance and I briefly chatted about his desire to get back into working for UPS as a driver, but he noted that receiving a job with no housing or address is hard. Last week, Terrance met with a team who will put Terrance on the list to receive a single room occupancy. However, as noted many times on this page before, that can take months, sometimes up to a year plus, to be approved.

Upon presenting our Makeshift Traveler, Terrance immediately opened it up and pulled out the radio that we included. He alluded to the enjoyment of music, which the radio provided him.

Terrance did not have a cellphone or accessible email, but he had his frequently visited locations. If you would like to donate to him, please click the button below and write a comment, “Terrance.”

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