First safe sleeping lot for unhoused people in San Diego

San Diego announced the opening of the city’s first safe sleeping lot last week. The Golden Hill site provides unhoused people with temporary shelter, meals, clean restrooms, supportive services, and other amenities. 

The site has 136 tent spaces and operates around the clock with 24/7 security. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria said the site is one of the city’s two planned lots. The second site will open this fall in Balboa Park with 400 tent spaces.

The Golden Hill lot opened shortly after the city council approved the Unsafe Camping Ordinance. The ordinance, set to take effect July 30, prohibits encampments in public areas if shelter beds are available. 

The new sites are designed to minimize vulnerability to crime, diseases, and adverse weather. Efforts are being made to expand the program’s resources to include mental health, medical, and job placement assistance services.

Gloria said the sleeping lots are a crucial step in responding to homelessness in San Diego.

“The Safe Sleeping program is more than just a safe place to sleep,” he said. “It’s a place for people experiencing homelessness to be connected to the services they need to get back on their feet and to put them on a path toward permanent housing.”

The Golden Hill site is located at the city’s Central Operation Yard at B Street and 20th Street. 

The Balboa site will be located at Lot O of Balboa Park, near the Naval Hospital. 


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