New Online Affordable Housing Portal for the Bay Area

A new portal launched in July provides affordable housing listings for Bay Area residents gathered through submissions from “local cities, counties, and private housing providers.”

The Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) launched the portal called The Doorway Housing Portal to provide a “single platform” for those searching for affordable housing.

The portal determines affordability through rent and utilities for a property not exceeding 30% of a household’s income.  However, the income limit is determined by the property managers for the listings. 

Residents can search listings by inserting the number of bedrooms, monthly rent level, and counties they are interested in.

Those seeking different types of vouchers, including Section 8, can access information about vouchers being accepted at various properties through the “Rental Assistance” header.

Damino Scott, community organizer at East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO), emphasizes the critical need for such a tool and the challenges many residents face searching for affordable housing.

“We have had residents who shared their stories that say when they were homeless, finding a house was a full-time job. They had literally spent as much time as you and I would spend on our 40-hour-a-week, or more, work week — they spent that on looking for housing,” Scott said. (KQED)

San Francisco is not included in this new portal system as they have their own called DAHLIA: San Francisco Housing Portal.

For more information about the portal, residents can visit Doorway Housing Portal,

Due to the affordability being based on income, it may not be affordable for some. Nevertheless, this portal does provide a one-stop shop for those seeking housing in the Bay Area.


Mikayla Schwartz

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