Meeting Sunshine, Current Social Worker

This morning, amidst our partnership event with Project Homeless Connect, we had the privilege of meeting Sunshine, a dedicated social worker hailing from Sacramento. In a profound exchange, we distributed a Makeshift Traveler to Sunshine, providing her with essential items for her journey.

Our conversation delved into the unique challenges faced by women of color experiencing homelessness, shedding light on the intersectionality of their experiences. Sunshine’s resilience and determination were evident as she shared her plans to secure shelter in the near future, highlighting the ongoing journey toward stability and self-empowerment.

Sunshine’s story serves as an important reminder of the diverse narratives within the homelessness crisis and the importance of recognizing and addressing the specific challenges faced by individuals in different circumstances. As we continue our mission, meeting individuals like Sunshine reinforces our commitment to providing both practical support and a platform for their voices to be heard.

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