Meeting Q and Michaela, providing our Improved Makeshift Traveler!

Today I met Q and Michaela, providing them both with one of our new Makeshift Travelers with the improved zipper and security system on the packs. Q and Michaela were told that if these two packs did not work out to their satisfaction, I would provide them each with a Model 2.0 when they are received this Summer.

Q and Michaela have been experiencing homelessness for a few years now. We chatted about the struggles of being in a relationship and being unhoused, noting that all of the shelters focus on Michaela, and give little attention to Q. Michaela is insistent on not being separated from Q. Therefore, they stick together living in this vehicle. Q and Michaela shared that they were planning to do some artwork on their packs, and I hope to be able to showcase their work on our blog in the upcoming weeks once they are done!

We are still in contact with Q and Michaela; if you would like to make a donation to them, please click the button below and write a comment, “Q and Michaela.”

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