Meeting Kevin and his dog Thunder, Unhoused in San Luis Obispo

Today, we feature the second recipient of a Makeshift Traveler through the San Luis Obispo County Health Agency partnership, and his name is Kevin!

Kevin is in his 30s and has suffered from numerous health complications, which have displaced him from housing and ultimately made it much harder to receive the care needed to help with these health-related challenges.

Kevin is highlighted in the photo next to his beautiful dog, Thunder. Kevin and Thunder live in their encampment. Having a dog prohibits Kevin from going to most places to charge his phone, sharing, “This backpack is killer.” Kevin will need multiple follow-up medical appointments due to his recent diagnosis. Keeping his phone charged will allow him to do so!

If you would like us to facilitate a donation to Kevin, please click the button below, and write “Kevin and Thunder.” We look forward to hopefully sharing updates sometime soon!

Donate to Kevin and Thunder

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