Meeting Donovan, Former IT Worker

Today we highlight Donovan, who we met at our Project Homeless Connect partnership event a few days ago. Donovan received the last Traveler that we had available to distribute, and his excitement was evident by the big smile on his face. Donovan and I had only a few minutes to chat as drop-ins were closing, and he arrived just before closing.

Donovan briefly shared his experience as an IT worker. Donovan, originally from Maryland, has been experiencing homelessness on and off for over 13 years. Donovan has experience as a House Cleaner and many other handy skills.

If you are interested in making a donation, employing, or contacting Donovan, we recorded his cell phone number and email. Please click the button below to make a donation, or reach out to us on our Contact Us page if you have other inquiries. We look forward to sharing updates to our Makeshift Traveler! Thank you for following along.

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