Day 5: Meeting Dennis, Handyman and Mechanic

The HomeMore Project Makeshift Traveler green solar panel backpack in San Francisco for the homeless and unhoused

Around 11:00am today, October 5th, I met Dennis! I have seen Dennis for years in the exact location; it was great to finally sit down and chat with him. Every time I saw Dennis, he was always working on some sort of handy project. One of the first questions I asked him was, “what is today’s project?”. He was working on fixing a few lighters that he had found.

Dennis was very excited about the Solar Panel, as he had a few gadgets constantly running out of battery. Not to mention, Dennis’s tent [home] is well positioned with the sun allowing for maximum sun absorption and charging. Before experiencing homelessness, Dennis was involved in all types of various handy work. From painting to working on cars, he was extremely humble but was experienced in this line of work. Such skills are still so valuable to society!

Dennis was occupied with his work, but I promised I would come by a few days later to check in on how the charging feature was working. He is also on my route for groceries, so I will check in on him weekly.

Dennis did not have a phone number or email, but he is within a few blocks of our office and is always in the exact location. If you would like to make a personal donation to Dennis, we are still in contact with him and would gladly facilitate a donation. Click the button below, and select “Write a Comment” with Dennis’s name.

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