Day 10: Meeting Roger, Former Case Manager

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Completely unhoused for three years, Roger lives with his girlfriend, Chocolate, in an encampment between loading docks. One of their good friends, Jada, immediately recognized our Makeshift Traveler, in which I promised I would return tomorrow with one for her. Roger briefly shared his story, where before being completely unhoused these past few years, he was still experiencing some form of homelessness but was working as a Case Manager and Substance Prevention Assistant for San Francisco. A man who has done so much to help people is now on the other side of the same system. 

Roger highlighted the challenges of being in a relationship, mentioning, “you can’t be in a couple in these shelters, they separate you immediately, and we sleep more comfortably out here.” This is one of the key points highlighted in Our 27 Step Journey, where regardless of being single, in a relationship, or with family, we can create a safe and productive space for all. 

Roger, his girlfriend, and his friends were so welcoming and caring. In my hands, I am holding the breakfast they gave me; three blueberry pancakes, eggs, and six sausages. I told them this was the best breakfast I had probably had in years! Every day, more and more through these interactions, I confirm my intuition that ‘experiencing homelessness’ has little to no effect on people’s will to be heard, cared for, and, most importantly, loved. 

We are still in contact with Roger, and his girlfriend, Chocolate. If you would like to make a personal donation to them, please click the button to the left, and write in the comments, “Roger and Chocolate.” 

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