Day 7: Meeting Mike, Mailroom and Sales Clerk

I got a late start today; many meetings and coordination throughout the day for some exciting partnerships and events that we have coming up soon! Nonetheless, I met Mike this evening around 5:00pm. He was in the process of reorganizing a suitcase and a few extra belongings. Individuals experiencing homelessness who visibly have a few pieces of luggage or travel equipment are great recipients of our Makeshift Traveler. In fact, within a few minutes, Mike mentioned, “I was just trying to figure out how to get rid of this luggage, so now I’ll use this.” 

Mike was very curious about our Makeshift Traveler and its’ development, which is when he shared his background of being a Sales Clerk. He constantly kept asking, “But how can people buy this?”. I kept reiterating, “Mike, we are only donating these.” He was jokingly frustrated. 

Before being unhoused, Mike worked in a Mailroom for years and many different jobs in Sales. Homeless for roughly two years, Mike has aspirations to find permanent housing and alleviate the challenges of homelessness. 

Mike’s email was obtained, and we will stay in touch with him to help alleviate these challenges and hopefully assist in his pursuit of permanent housing. If you would like to make a personal donation to Mike, we are still in contact with him and would gladly facilitate a donation. Click the button below, and select “Write a Comment” with Mike’s name. 

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