Day 11: Meeting Matt, Former Painter of 40 years

I met Matt today, but it was quite the journey to reach him. I connected with two individuals off of Polk Street, Tommy, and JP, both of which openly admitted to being drug users who would sell the Makeshift Traveler to purchase more drugs. I respected them so much for their honesty, and in doing so, they pointed me in the direction of Matt.

Matt was a painter for over 40 years, mainly in San Francisco, but spent a decade in Las Vegas. Matt has spent the past few years trying to acquire housing, allowing him to reenter the workforce as a painter, but it is no easy task. He also enjoyed playing the guitar and had a few of them in his tent.

Matt mentioned, “most people are rewiring and tearing apart telephone poles to charge their phone, so passing out these backpacks will save a city a lot of time and money to repair. It’s also much safer.”

We are still in touch with Matt, and he would greatly appreciate a contribution to help him obtain housing and eventually get back to painting buildings, houses, and offices. If interested in supporting Matt, please click the button below and write in the comments, “Matt

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