Day 8: Meeting James, Digital Marketer and Sales Rep

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday in San Francisco today! It is also marks one week since we had the launch of our Makeshift Traveler. Today I met James, who ironically was hanging out on the same block as where I live. James was a former Digital Marketing and Sales Representative. He was so appreciative of receiving a Makeshift Traveler, and we discussed for roughly 15 minutes about the next iterations Traveler, to which I jokingly said to James, “you should take my job!”. He chuckled.

This conversation with James brought to mind an important idea I wanted to highlight: there are so many valuable skills within the unhoused community. It is a matter of merely providing enough stability to allow those individuals to provide their skills to society.

It was a pleasure to get to know James and listen to his story of experiencing homelessness.

We are still in contact with James and his email was obtained. If you would like to make a personal donation to James, we would gladly facilitate a donation. Click the button below, and select “Write a Comment” with James name.

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