Day 4: Meeting Glenn, Welfare Specialist and City Messenger

Today marks the first day of Daily Distributions! From now until mid-December, every day we will be distributing at least one Makeshift Traveler!.

It was a lovely Tuesday, October 4th, in San Francisco. At 3:45pm, I set out to find the daily recipient of a Makeshift Traveler, and within three blocks from my apartment, I met Glenn around 3:41pm. Upon chatting with him and presenting him with a Makeshift Traveler, Glenn said, “You made my whole life!”. I ended up talking with Glenn for nearly an hour. Glenn shared his life story, most of which included living everyday life. Glenn lived in San Francisco for 32 years; just seven months ago, he was evicted from his apartment, which is when he convinced himself that living on the streets was the only way forward. Glenn worked in the city of San Francisco as a Welfare Specialist for over ten years while also being a messenger [mail carrier] for over ten years. How someone who does so much for a city ends up on the streets three decades later is perplexing. 

Glenn was so appreciative of the Makeshift Traveler. He mentioned, “A radio, oh my god, are you kidding? All I have been wanting to do is listen to music.” As we begin giving out the Makeshift Travelers, I imagine we will observe specific individuals valuing different components of the bag more than others. 

It was a pleasure to get to know and chat with Glenn. Glenn plans to move cities, but we hope to stay in touch and provide assistance in any way we can. We unfortunately, do not have Glenn’s contact information, but if you would like to make a Makeshift Traveler, please click the link below!

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