Day 3: Meeting Christine from our Launch and Preparation for Daily Distribution!

Meeting Christine!

Christine was one of the first recipients of our Makeshift Traveler. After her sweet dogs felt comfortable with us approaching, she was overwhelmed with emotions from receiving one of our Travelers! We even had a few treats for her pups! I have seen Christine numerous times, and it was exciting to chat with her finally. Christine was [happily] confused as to why we were giving her a Makeshift Traveler. As awesome as our Traveler is, I am beginning to learn, most recipients are just happy to feel appreciated and have someone to talk to for some time.

Preparation for Daily Distribution

Tomorrow October 3rd begins our daily distribution, where I will be giving out one Makeshift Traveler every day until Mid-December! In addition to daily distribution, we will also conduct distribution through two other methods: Partnership Distribution Events and a Weekly Distribution Event with the HomeMore Team. We aim to have at least six partnership events monthly with other San Francisco nonprofits. These events will occur either at the organization’s site or an offsite location that the particular organization serves.

In addition to daily distributions, the second method is a Weekly Distribution Event with the HomeMore Team. Similarly to our Distribution Launch on October 1st, our HomeMore Team will take a wagon or small vehicle to distribute between 10-15 units. This will primarily take place on Saturdays from 10:00am-1:00pm.

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