Los Angeles’ Historic Cecil Hotel Up for Sale After Finished Housing Project

Housing has been a crucial issue in Los Angeles. Finding a comfortable place to stay is no

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the Cecil Hotel is a historic hotel and hostel for
individuals to reside. AOL’s Grace Toohey mentions how the building is available on the market.
Toohey says, “A new owner wouldn’t technically acquire the property at 640 S. Main Street but
would instead take over the 99-year ground lease, which allows its long-term use and
development. The new listing did not include a selling price, but the property’s land and
improvements were assessed at a total value of $31 million in 2023.” (Toohey, 2024). This
means the person or company leasing owns the property and is held accountable for all expenses
on that leased piece of land. Aside from this, she mentions that Cecil has gone through
renovations in recent years throughout the land. She states, “…. 15-floor building, which
reopened in 2021. Since then, the owners have reserved most rooms for tenants in the bottom
30% of the area’s median income, accepting unhoused Angelenos with government-funded
housing vouchers.” (Toohey, 2024). There would have to be many significant improvements
made if this was to reopen again.

Maintenance is a considerable issue in wanting to upkeep the place. Jaime Dung from the LA
Times describes this in further detail. She interviewed one of the tenants, Richard Silva. Dung
describes Richard’s room as almost rundown or in total disrepair. She says, “There are spots of

mold by his sink and toilet, as well as on the ceiling. He points out how a bubble under the paint
on his ceiling dribbles water once in a while, but says that’s better than the steady stream that
flowed during last winter’s rainstorms.” The building is over 90 years old, and with that comes
very few resources. He tells Jaimie that he was promised a voucher for clothes but never
received it. Dung says, “At 48, Silva has been homeless nearly half his life. Right before moving
into the Cecil, he stayed in a house through Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, a nonprofit that
runs shelters and tiny-home villages. When asked about a case manager, he shrugs.”(Dung,
2023). Richard is just one of the many individuals who are suffering from homelessness, and this
is a struggle considering his unfortunate situation.

Another article by Jaime Ding from the Los Angeles Times discusses future problems of Cecil
prior. As well as how many people are still suffering from homelessness in Los Angeles. She
interviewed Matthew Baron, the President of Baron Property Group, to get his thoughts. Baron
says, “Clearly Los Angeles, as other major dense, expensive urban areas, has a huge affordability
problem and a huge homeless problem.” (Dung, 2022). There is still a lot of work to be done.
Currently, you can contact the realtors who are selling the building by calling (213) 532-3268 if
you’re interested in finding out if space is still available for rent temporarily.

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