LGBTQIA+ Resources Regarding Homelessness

Coming out can be complex and cause many to face unfortunate situations. A startling 28% of LGBTQIA+ youth experience homelessness. Here are a few resources and links to help you and others you may know get through those tough times.


Finding a place after being kicked out can be challenging. There’s a lot of fear and panic that can be overwhelming. The best thing to do is take a deep breath and look at the options. Here are a few places that give LGBTQAI+ friendly shelter. 

Covenant House is a group that works to provide safe housing for youth, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. They have accommodations in the US as well as Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

CentrerLink also serves as another group that people can use to find other LGBTQIA+-friendly locations for housing. It has more locations in every state.


Finding a place to get food and water is the next best thing to do to survive in any situation. It only takes a day or two to be affected by a lack of food and water, such as nausea, exhaustion, tiredness, and headaches. Long-term effects are exhaustion, weight loss, hair loss, confusion, fainting, and more.

Food Pantries are one of the most commonly known sources that people know for getting food. They have multiple locations all over the US.

Feeding America also provides food banks and locations where people can find free food. They also have a backpack service where you can pick up the bag, which has breakfast and some food you can take to go.

Mental Health

Sometimes all that is needed is someone to listen to, a community, and a person to help you create a plan. Here are some resources to help with that.

National Runaway Safeline is a group that helps provide 24-hour service. They give out resources for those planning on running away or needing help making a plan after a person does. 

The Trevor Project is an LGBTQIA+ friendly group that provides a 24 hour service for suicide prevention or conversations for the lonely. There are communities and information on being LGBTQIA+ on their website. 

Something to remember during these uncertain times is that you’re not alone. If someone you know is also struggling, let them know. They are not alone.


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