LA’s Mayor Karen Bass’s to Fund Unhoused Veterans

By Rachel Lampert

Homelessness has continued to rise in Los Angeles, especially for veterans. We continue to see
how this makes a big difference in that those who are struggling need help finding resources.
The city of Los Angeles’ Mayor Karen Bass has been pretty vocal about the situation between
homeless and evictions.

According to LAist reporter Tyler Wayne, Bass has devised an idea to help provide unhoused
veterans with more resources. He says, “Los Angeles could see around 30,000 evictions this
year, according to officials at Tuesday’s announcement. Conway Collis, president and CEO of
the Mayor’s Fund, said the fund focused on preventing emergencies, like evictions.” Evictions are
where tenants are expelled or taken away from a property. These resources will provide eviction
defense and rental assistance. This will also give individuals the choice between either accepting
benefits or accepting housing. Bass feels that accepting housing is the smart choice because the
other option could make the veterans unqualified. We should not have to deal with being evicted,
nor should anyone else.

The website Mayor City LA elaborates more on the program. As said by Mayor Karen Bass,
“The Mayor’s Fund’s, We Are LA, homelessness prevention efforts are stretching resources
further, reaching more people, and helping prevent people from falling into homelessness in the
first place. The new partnership with U.S.VETS will allow for efficient and effective work to
prevent veterans from falling into homelessness and in just a few weeks.” The program is set to
improve this case by limiting these issues.

Diving further into this, the problem of unhoused veterans has always been an ongoing situation.
Mayor Bass is advocating alongside The United States Conference of Mayors (USCMs) to
develop this plan in partnership with the plan. The Beverly Press states, “The mayors will push
for securing additional housing vouchers, increasing project-based voucher flexibility to build
more permanent and supportive housing, and expanding eligibility of housing vouchers to ensure
unhoused veterans are not excluded due to receiving disability income benefits.” Therefore, the
resources put into place could increase the number of resources for those who are impacted.
Evictions are a serious concern. The idea of unknowingly where you may end up is a scary
thought. Luckily, there are support services that help those in need.

Veterans can reach out to TeamStep USA, which offers multiple locations. For more information,
their main office is located in Santa Ana at (714) 444-0075 or visit
Another resource is We Are L.A. hotline (213)584-1808 and


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