LA’s Homelessness: A Breakdown of the Current Situation

By Rachel Lampert

California is known for beautiful homes and a wide population of billionaires. Aside from their
population income characteristics, a vast majority of individuals are without a home. Tents in
Los Angeles are highly common. They could be seen lining up on the streets of Beverly Hills
and even Bel Air. The New Republic’s Scott W. Stern says. “Tents have become a common sight
all across the city. The number of unhoused people in Los Angeles increased by 9 percent
between mid-2022 and mid-2023, with more than 75,000 now experiencing homelessness at any
given time.” This is a serious issue that continues to grow.

In June of last year, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LASHA) publicly released
results for the homelessness count within the greater Los Angeles region. LASHA released an
article last year by Christopher Yee which says “ several Southern California counties
experienced increases larger than Los Angeles, including San Bernardino (+26%), San Diego
(+22%), Kern (+22%), and Riverside (+12%).” Those who are unhoused who are suffering and
without a home are about 20,363 indivuals. This means these unhoused individuals have also
increased as well within the point-in-time count.

However, LASHA is continuing to put forth those efforts in supporting those in need. Last year
they said, “The City and the County are on track to create approximately 8,200 affordable homes
this year, but all of the leaders acknowledge the need for more affordable housing.” Therefore we
are improving on-going changes such as building these homes for our communities.

If you hope to become more involved you can contact Homeful L.A (213)-891-2880 (main line)
or call (213)-891-3209 to donate. Another contact is L.A. Works which offers volunteering
opportunities at 323-224-6510.


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